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˝Your CRM is not the complete answer! Unless it is integrated with your business software.



The # 1 Selling CRM 30 Years of Success. Acquiring 6 million users and 80,000 businesses in over 100 different countries, all using Act! CRM to make their businesses grow.


Integrate your software for a one stop solution! Leverage your software investment multiplying business results


The Market Leading sales quoting and proposal solution! The original premier solution for all your quoting and proposal needs

Cloud Hosting

Hosted virtual desktop for online, offline, mobile access to your integrated software


ERP & Accounting Integration

Integrate leading ERP & Accounting applications.with other applications, CRM or quoting software.

Custom Integration

Do you have special needs for extending your current software such as inventory, accounting, ecommerce, website & more, Let us fulfill them with custom integration.

Software Plugins

Add functionality and expand the capabilities of Act!

Mobile Solutions

Smartphone apps have become too important a marketing tool for small businesses to do without. We have 4 choices of mobile apps to integrate with Act.


(KB) Knowledge Base

Got questions? Need help? Get them addressed here.


Let us assist you by training you for your software needs. Become more profient & maximize your software use.

Support Plans

Save money. We can provide you support and training with a 1 year contract that would fit your needs.

Software Support

We are here to assist you and help you with installation, configuration or any questions you might have.

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